Romans 8:22–30

  • We (Christians) see the world as it is – physically and spiritually decaying with sin, but we have hope for future glory. Verses 23 – 25
  • We trust our parents naturally because that is what we know from birth. We can have that same trust through prayer in God. We can believe in his power to answer our prayer.
  • As a believer we are not left to our own resources to cope with problems, even when you don’t know the right words to say.Type your paragraph here.
  • The Holy Spirit prays with you and for you, and God answers.

  • With God helping you pray, we don’t need to be afraid to come before him.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for you, "in accordance with God’s will."
  • Then when you bring your requests to God, trust that he will always do what is best.Type your paragraph here.

     Why is it so difficult?

  • It can be uncomfortable, because we have to share our inner most fears and concerns.

  • We don’t know how; are we using the right words?

  • It can be uncomfortable to admit our failures.

  • We don’t know what other needs people have in their lives, so it is easier to just not pray for them.
  • It causes, it requires us to come to God with humility and reverent fear for who He is and the powerful God He is in our lives.Type your paragraph here.

Prayer, Why is it si Important?

•Allows us fellowship with God through communication with God.
•Helps us overcome temptation.
•Helps us remember God’s goodness, and places our focus on God.
•Can change our life and attitude.Type your paragraph here.

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